2 live action trailer for games

Portal 3: This is a highly anticipated game and it won’t require a lot of props as well as cgi. The 2 robots that are in the game will go through portals on the stairs, ( we got a preview of that). Then the two players will have to complete puzzles like in portal where they are separated by a wall and they need to use their portal gun to get across the level. This will require them to put the box through a portal and put it on the button so a door opens for the player so they can get in a lift and go to the second phase. The film will end when two players will go down the lift. To make the portal effect we will wrap a hoola hoop with blue and yellow paper and make it glow in photoshop, this part doesn’t have to move. This idea will save time on massive editing.  2 main characters that have to work together to beat the level. the main character atlas and P-body (blue and orange).

My second idea is counter strike: This is a 5v5 game where there are terrorist and counter-terrorists planting the bomb, as terrorist and they will need the counter-terrorists to defuse the bomb. The players will re act how the game runs which is high tactical military tactics. For this, we will need a couple of plastic guns and some costumes, mostly bandanas and mask for the counter-terrorists. The CGI and sound for this would have to be gun sounds from the game with a possible explosion which could be part of a gameplay. The players will run through a map and it will swap to the gameplay.


HTML= Hypertext markup language, this is a programing language that displays text and with tags and information.

CSS= CAscading style sheets

bootstrap= its a css framework that was developed by twitter which helps you in making sure that the website looks the same on different sites and screen sizes

javascripts= is a programming language that enables the user to go to different web pages and click on links

JQuery= is a client to simplify the use of html.

AJAX=its a concept for a client to help the web to communicate with the database without needed to refresh or restart the website


datebase= a  base where date and memory are stored, this can be accessed through a server, this will keep data from the site, for example, login details.\

Client= is a computer or a desktop that can obtain data from a server.


















15 stops

storybooks comics vision,



editorial sound and voices, music making the animatic

art develop thins visually, make the art style of the movie

modelling build characters the environment props, do the 3 dimension and scalp the characters.

rigging  puppeting, muscle and how the object move, face control

Surfacing colour and textures, and how things look

rough layout this is where its start to look like a movie

final layout finishes shots and prepare shot for animation stereo pass blocking

animation animators bring the characters to life like actors

crowds in charge of the extras of the film create a bunch of animation and repeat them on different characters automated

character fx style and everything that moves on the character hair clothing

fx explosions all effects and things like footprints snow, weather

technical director where things go wrong

mapping department skyes mauntains buildings

lighting putting light into the composition

image finaling

sound design music sound, dialog


application assignment evaluation

With research my ideas for my application where expanded and developed. I had succeeded in doing so by researching on how the professionals go about doing their creation of ux design, as well as looking at different applications and even websites to see what they do that makes the application so good or what they do that make the application terrible. I tried to compare my design ideas with other people in the class and ask them for an opinion on how they are feeling about using this application.

The next step was designing the actual application in which my wireframe came in handy showing me a rough idea of how i should lay out my application and how should the user feel navigating through. The purpose of my application is to let users find independent cinemas around them as well as films that are not usually shown in bigger cinemas like Cineworld or vue. I have based my design on simple and flat design because its the current design fashion that’s here to stay for longer then we expect as a lot of designers prefer this type of style. I have also only used black and white because it gives it a more mature and stylistic look, this is because of my target audience which are mostly adults from 40-70 class a to b1. This is because independent cinemas usually show either old films or films that focused on the more mature audience, as well as mostly only higher class and older people have more time and money to go to these cinemas.

What could have I improved if I did the task again? If I could do the task again I would spend more time on developing the idea in the sense of working more in my sketchbook drawing out my idea and changing it bit by bit to see how much better i can make the design and improve on the style. As well as focusing on researching more fonts and more about flat icons which would help me make the layout and message as well as the purpose of the application a lot more clearer and easier understand.


Line – strokes that show motion and connect two points doesn’t have to be straight can be curved zigzagged etc…

Texture- The feel, real or implied, on an object or its surface

Space- What is between object, also known as negative space. There are 2 spaces positive and negative.

Colour- Hue, may be complimentary, analogous, primary, secondary, territory, or part of the colour wheel.

Form- Shows object in space mass or something that occupies positive space, usually used then describing 3d object because of 3 dimensions.

Value- The lightness of darkness of an object or colour. Often used with drawings.

shape- Area enclosed when both sides of a line meet. Shapes can be geometric or organic.

emphasis- When on area in work of art stands out more than another. The part that catches your attention first.

movement- The motion created in a work of art. Often uses the principle of rhythm to achieve this.

unity- The feeling of wholeness or the part belonging together.

Rhythm-The repetition of lines, shapes, or colours to create a feeling of movement.

Contrast-A difference created when elements are placed next to each other in a work of art.

Variety- The use of different lines, shapes and colours in a piece of work

Stages of Productions

Before Pre-

Think of what you are making?

What is the main idea behind the project?






small team

Brainstorm design

Think of angles shots and lighting





concept art

prop creation

set building

Find Location/location scouting/Recce

Shot list



Film the shots

Line Rehearsing

Technical checking


Audio/live audio

Live special effects


Post Production-

Additional Audio





Special effects


Getting Feedback on the Project

Responding to Feedback and making any final changes

test screening



I am applying for my chosen course because I have passion and motivation to create websites for business and doing human manipulation as well as experimenting with programs and coding. Making users do what you want them to do and navigating the user around the project. I’m trying to learn and sharpen my skills even further by going to university and experiencing professional designs. Every day I browse websites and I instead of just following the manipulation I look further into the design and choices as well as the ideology behind.

I like being creative and making new design with the combination of coding. Which creates a lot of problems and solving problems is one of my strongest skills, combining with presentations skills. I know that this is the profession I will be happy doing for life, going to work, working for website and application design will make me happy. Which I think that going to work with a smile is one of the most important things.

I believe that I am suitable for the course because I love designing digital systems as well as learning new tricks or following trending fashions to deliver the best user experience as well as learning new programs that will make my designing easier and more accessible ti the users. Over the years learning in high school and college I still have that passion to learn new things as well as improve things I already learned.

In my current college course ( I Media and Games Design) I have done things like poster designs and 2d animation. I have vastly improved my sketching and planning skills over the past year in college by giving more thought and research processes. I have experience in using adobe programs and i’m very familiar with their interfaces. This year i’m going to be making application and a website which will relate to the profession I want to do in the future. during this time i will learn new design skills as well as sharpening my current skills like presentation, research and design, as well as some css knowledge.

My first strongest skill is probably problem solving, I can show that I can think logically and if needed I think of different way of going about or around the problem and different ways of solving it that will fit in different occasions. This is very important in application and website creation because design is all about solving problems, finding ways of solving problems that the costumer doesn’t know how to solve them self. My other strong skill is presentation and time management.

I’m interested in software engineering because it requires problem solving as well as a lot of trail and error to make the program execute. With this is also possible to experiment and aproach the task in many different ways.

My Game Idea and lore

The main protagonist is a crusader who has stumbled across a temple in the middle of the  Sahara desert. He was suffering from the affect of  the desert sun; as a result, on entering the temple his legs felt weak, causing a coalition with the ground. The combination of heat and the attack from the ground leads the protagonist into a dream state from which he emerges into a dark, unfamiliar forest.

As he explores the forest with his sharp eye, he hears a whisper from a small source of light. This explains to him that he is not where he was. As the crusader gets back to his senses the spirit tells him that  he has passed out in the temple of Anubis. To get out of the “trial” he needs to find the 3 legendary weapons: the sword of the wanderer, the bow of deadeye and the shield of the protector. If the protagonist succeeds in doing so, he will be challenged by the Anubis himself. There were a lot of challengers who tried to confront  the Anubis. They all failed. Now their souls have been bound to Anubis, serving him. The effect of this changes them to werewolves and crocodiles. After getting to the portal transporting you into the next era you need to defeat the 5 guardians. Going thought the last portal teleports you to The Anubis layer, where you can challenge him and try to defeat him.However these weapons have been scattered across time and collecting them requires to go through 5 different time periods: Primitive, Renaissance, WW 2 , modern time and distant future.

My game will be a 2d mobile device side scroller; Trial Of Anubis. It will have some elements of platform games like Sonic and RPG. The villains evolve as you progress through the game starting with primitive weapons to modern day rifles , to space rifles. However your character evolves too getting laser swords and bows as well as armour sets and skills that you can buy in the shop, with coins you have collected during the game.




As the enemies evolve  the background too starting in forests and small villages going to big sci fi cities with massive space ships flying behind the character making the game feel like its progressing through time. The era I’m going to use is the medieval time period which will be the start of the game. I chose this because that’s going to be the tutorial part of the game with the easier part of the game however I will show some of the future times like weapons and some of the armour.

(use of armour upgrade,  new weapons the game will also use the combos mechanics (pressing multiple keys for a special move). ( energy will be like a mana bar where you recharge it by collecting items scattered around level) it will trigger a special attack.




Something like steet fighter or tekken but easier. It will be easier because I want the game to be accsesible to alot different age groups. (This only applies to combos I will have different difficulty levels)

The game will start in a dark forest with a blood moon and the main protagonist will be attacked by the ware wolf faction. The on screen tutorial will start telling you about different key binds and mechanics and attacks as well as the upgrade system.


The level that the character is going to start in is going to be a dark forest, with moving plants, torch bugs and birds flying about in the distance. I will try to recreate a forest and the darkness of the night during a blood moon. The enemies will be appearing from right and top side of the screen they will jump and always focus on the main protagonist.