The name of my project is going to be far from home, which expresses the story of my animation project and represents the meaning of my animation. My project is going to be about 80-90 seconds long because the task requires you to present a story about hope under 90 seconds. My main demographic are children age from 3 to 10 to show them what different meanings of hope, as well as looking at my research and the animation style I have chosen is suitable to represent ideas and meaning to children in a funny and easy visual form.

An apple that has been born in a world that it didn’t fit in, trying to get by day by day, living slowly and depressed but the apple hasn’t given up hope, it wanted to believe that it can live happier. However one day someone decided to cut it off the tree after deciding that the apple didn’t fit in and the apple fell rolling, rolling and rolling until it got run over. The apples has been born in another world that was just like it, happy, colour full and exiting.

My main character is an apple that has been born in the wrong world hoping that it can find a place for it self where it fill fit in.

The starting “world” which is the first minute of the animation is dark not much colour the camera is still, there is a tree with no leaves no fruits just the old dark trunk of  and whats left of it, there is also dark streets empty buildings showing no sings of happiness or hope.

Near the ending this changes, I have added more movement into the animation and made everything colourful to express happiness and hope, there are cars a basketball that rolls by the grass is moving as well as you can hear the sounds of the forest.

There are different sounds inside the animation depending on the action within the stage like wind, grass, cut noise etc… This is to bring the animation more alive as well as showing what i said in the last paragraph about the first half being sad, slow and depressing.

I have chosen this idea because I think that it helps to show me and represent the hope that i see with my eyes and thats what will make a good project because its what I see and what i want to express. To make this project as good as it can I need to improve my presenting skills and story telling to be able to make my story understandable to all audience. The skills I have right now to be able to make my project good are my after effects and animation skills because I think after my research and tutorials i can do basic animating which is what I nee for my project.

My research comes from the internet as well as people around like my collage mates or the tutors that I have asked about things that I didn’t understand or when something wasn’t clear to me. I have also made a questionnaire for people to give me feedback and I count that as my primary research because its something that teaches me what I could improve in my other projects as well as what the audience want and how different audience see what I’m trying to represent.

I’m going to use After Effects and Illustrator as well as Photoshop to put everything together and create props as well as backstage.

The biggest problem that I always encounter is things that sound good but turn out terrible or not the way I want it to or see it myself. For example the animation might not be as smooth as I want and this will make the whole scene or part of the animation not as I want, this leads to me losing my plan and getting distracted as well as turning negative of the outcome of my project. I will try to overcome it by not getting distracted as well as not aiming too high after looking at professionals and their animating skill and also I will try o keep positive about my work no matter how it turns out.

I need to take in consideration copyright, trademark. This means I can’t just take someones idea and recreate it or make it almost identical or even take the original and just change it a bit and claim it main because that is ethically wrong as well as morally because that means I stole someones hard work and didn’t give him any credit for his idea. Also I can’t just use Mercedes name or logo or even their car design because i do not own the right to be able to do so. Without the owners permission I can’t use logos or names in my animation.

Software licensing, workspace and paying for copyright or any royal fees for using someones logo or name to represent something in my animation. For example store name Adidas.

I think that I will finish my animation within the deadline which is 5 weeks. I will have my animation completed in the 4 week to have 1 week breather which will allow me to make any changes or respond to feedback as well as lower the danger of running into problems by having time to fix them or take time to think stuff through and take precaution to not run into those problems.

Basket ball animation

In this practise I was applying the squash and stretch principle to create the basic physics of the ball when it hits surrounding objects as well as the border of the animation. The ball need to stretch to reimagine a real life ball hitting an object and stretching out the particles and air inside it. This is important to do to create the physics and realism of your animation.

The 12 principles of animation

The 12 principles of animations are basic rules for animating.

For example having physics and making something look realistic needs to apply to real world action. Like a ball bouncing around and hitting objects or walls need to squash and stretch so the ball looks like its hitting a hard object applying pressure and making it look like the objects have a fill instead of feeling empty. This was one of the principles the others are:

  • Anticipation
  • Staging
  • Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose
  • Follow Through and Overlapping Action
  • Slow In and Slow Out
  • Arc
  • Secondary Action
  • Timing
  • Exaggeration
  • Solid drawing
  • Appeal

For character movement and action as well as face expression its easy to us a bone rig tool or parent tool to create smooth movement as well as saving time moving each anchor point on the character. These tool make a connection with 2 anchor points on 2 objects pulling the object connected to it.

These principles and tools apply to stop motion animation as well as 3d and CGI.

Animation Evaluation

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 14.36.15.png

2D Animation Evaluation:

I have  made my animation using Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects to create my animation and the assets to go with it. Having learned before different animation techniques and the layout of After effects to successfully create a keyframe animation.  A Keyframe animation is where there user uses a timeline to edit and and put effects in at certain times. This is a good form of animating because when you animate something going form point a to b the software will fill in between.

The animation style i went for was a easy 2d animation with a perspective of a 3d giving the animation graphics and depth to the illustrations. I have kept the same animation style thought out the whole animation.

In after effect I have used effects like screen transition as well as text boxes and  shapes. I have used a keyframe animation because i think its a lot easier to do so with the program filling the animation for you it also saves a lot time, however i noticed that sometimes the program tends to bug and not fill in the information and move the objects instantly  instead.

I was influenced by old 2d animations like tom and jerry flintiness  with simple graphics and animation movement.  I liked theses animation as a kid thats why i went with such style because the animation target audience were children and the animation ratting should either be u or pg.

At first my idea was going to be about the battle of stalingrad and the sense of hopes for the soliders to see their families yet again as well as see the new rise of the sun.

Then i was going to make it about ww 1 and how soliders wanted to see the end of water however both of these idea went out because i needed something suitable for children. Thats when i decided about idea of a mum cat losing her child and hoping to see find it again however i decided to choose an idea of a an apple that didnt’t fit in the world. That then it dead and because it didn’t stop believing it gotten a second chance to live.

I think that my animation was good but it could have spend more time doing animations and spend more time developing the story and the final idea as well as sketches and the animation key points that clear up the story more for the viewers.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.13.20

This question gives me  feedback about the music I have used to create an ending with a sad atmosphere and looking at peoples responses it shows me that I have mostly successfully transported the feeling to the viewers.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.13.09

The first question I asked if I should animate anything else that would improve the general quality of the animation and the feedback I got was that i haven’t generally done a lot of animation and my animation felt still, which shows me that I need to put more effort into animating and and researching different animation techniques.

The second question I was asking about my colour pallet choice and how did it create an atmosphere at the end of the animation and what they felt, my plan was for it to be confusing, the audience should fell sad and happy at the same time, the result showed that I mostly succeeded however I thought that I needed to add something extra to the ending that will show this feeling even more.


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.12.58

Asking about the speed of the animation which showed that mostly my animation felt the right pace but not for all, this is something I need to improve on i keeping the same speed of the animation through out the project.


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.12.49

Some viewers got the idea that the representation of hope was not giving up however I think that thats the worst part of my animation it the story doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t really represent anything. This is something I really need to improve in the future and focus on mostly.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.12.36

This support my paragraph above that the story makes no sense.

This feedback shows me that my naming was correct and it fit the animation as well as represented a deeper meaning of home is where you are believe it is not where you are.

This is a link to the questionnaire that I gave to other students in the class so they can fill in and i can get feedback about animation. I’m going to use this feedback to improve my future projects as well as pay more attention to details that where specified in the feedback i received back.

As well as student feedback I received brief feedback from my teacher about my animation style, grammar mistakes and my story and how it didn’t fully represent hope. After taking back this feedback i have rethought my animation and made sure that its easier for others to understand the story as well as making it look more professional.

Comparing this animation to  a professional made animation like tom and jerry which i spoke about in my research my animation is a lot more slower and has a lot less animation inside of it compared, by this i mean most of my frames are still images.

Stop motion Evaluation:

After doing my 2d animation i have done the research and gathered different ideas for my stop motion as well as doing a mood boards and story boards with different ideas to help me form my final product.

I have settled with a idea of smarties being placed frame by frame onto the black appear forming a letter n. Then I have added gun sounds so it enhances the frames making them look like someone is shooting them onto the paper. This type of stop motion is called object stop motion where object move around the screen with no visible help from living things as well as not representing any living thing.

If i don’t this again i would add something to the animation because its really simple as well as make sure the camera wasn’t moving each frame because it makes the animation look jittery. Also make less distraction on the screens at the background because instead of focusing on the moving objects the eye also look around the background distracting the audience from the main focus of my animation.

My first idea was about me spilling water and then moving it with my finger to form the letter n  however after receiving feedback from my teacher i was told that its not really stop motion because i could have just recorded that instead of making frame by frame. So I decided on this to make it look like its magically appearing on the screen.


Music assignment

Sound 1:

sound 2:



Im going to use Need for Speed (2015) as an example because I think that this game has realistic sound. The game uses Frostbite Engine creating realistic sounds and environment engaging the player to feel like he is inside the game. mon_nov_2_21-31-52_est_2015

The game has an engaging Soundtrack ranging from peaceful slow audio too intense music when racing creating tension.  Here is a link to the songs that were used in the game:

The developers of the game used realistic car sounds in the game to immerse the player. They also realised that sound is the most crucial thing in  a racing game. After  releasing this the dev team and sound team interacted and worked together all the time synchronizing the sound and the events in the game.

To create the sounds that their target audience and all audience will enjoy and immerse themselves in the work of art. To do this they interact with their costumers carrying out surveys and events which the community can get involved.

The games soundtrack has its own created songs to perfectly fit with the current event thats happening within the game. However they use a lot of music that already been created and its on top of the charts to attract audience.

The game uses a lot of different genres of music to attract bigger audience. The games soundtrack changes upon actions taken in the game. The game uses faster and lauder music when racing and also changes to heavier genre like electric, dubstep or metal.

The sounds in the game were recorded and are realistic which fits the theme of the game which is a realistic car simulator with photorealistic graphics. Music and sound are a big part of the entertainment because its almost everywhere. Movies, games, tv shows etc.., without music or sound films would be dull and it would be impossible to create suspense and good atmosphere.

Games like need for speed is set in current time and it has a lot of music that sounds electric and pop style because the setting of the game is city racing and new technology as well as reputation and being cool. Making the music fit the atmosphere and theme of the game as well as the audience is difficult because everyone sees something different and interpret it their own way thats why music is so important in film or game is to forma  path for the audience they can follow to understand the message and the meaning of production as well as the story and emotion you trying to portrait in the scene. Music can also make people remember or help to recognise certain parts of the production, for example some one listing to a song like “we are free” from gladiator will remember and visualise the last scene from the movie.

The game like forza which is a heavy competitor to need for speed also has even better  photorealistic graphics however need for speeds sound track is more unique and fitting the style of the game. Forza’s soundtrack has fast and tense songs that fit the fast rally racing  style and high action where need for speed is more chilled out and relaxing when moving about the city at night and exploring the detail that the game has immersing the player with the sounds and soundtrack. However in races and duels the game soundtracks speeds up and gets more aggressive to create adrenaline and tension therefore the sounds keep up with the speed of the car making it flow in one motion and fitting it in.


Plan/ task 2:

29/11/2016 I have researched and listened to sounds for the game need for speed and started my research on how to create music using garage band loops as well as using different effect to enhance my audio. i will also play around with different loops and see how they go together to help me decide on the emotion and genre of the song.

13/12/2016 I have continued my research on how the developers of need for speed created the sounds and how the made it so immersive for the game. I have research on what Is needed to create a certain emotion within the music and how to make a path for the audience to lead them to the atmosphere you want to create.

10/01/2017 I have started making my first track by design what music genre is appropriate for the topic and starting to use garage band to create the base of the first track using loops and changing effect like pitch or eq

17/01/2017 I’m continuing to make the first track changing and adding stuff, asking my friends and the teacher for feedback to improve the track and make it better,  I will listen to the feedback and improve my work.

24/01/2017 Stated to create my second track and deciding on how to start and what i want I want the sound to represent and what emotion do I want to portrait with the music as well as the content and genre of the music,

31/01/2017 Finishing of my research and my track 2, adding special effects like surround sound and trying to make a end to the songs with something more unique then a fade out.

7/02/2017 asking friends for feedback on the research and tracks, finishing the track and doing last minute fixes and checking if my music has rendered out properly as well as checking if there are no errors in the sound. Making sure the effects work as they intended, like the fade outs and mixers.


Creating music for a game can either be some loops put together or it can be complex mix of vocals and sounds mixing using eq and sound effects to enhance  the audio and music within the game making the sound more polished and unique. I am going to create a soundtrack for a car game using loops in garage band as well as use different effects of mixing  and changing the APM as well as surround sound to make the audience feel the emotion and atmosphere I will trying to create.



Task 1 research Racing game hud


The game is need for speed 2015 and its the last racing game I played that is photo realistic. The hud in the game fits the game style and theme. The main things that this game does that separate it from other games is the sound and music that this games uses to make the player feel immersed in the game and feel realistic. There are 3 different huds that are used in this game. Permanent, action and pull up. The permanent is the map and speedometer and the nitrus level. The action is the drift and rep multiplayer that comes out when ever the players starts doing drifts of tricks. The pull up is what the speedometer displays like khm or mph. The hud is easily visible. The game also lets you edit the hud and move or disable the hud elements to personal preference. The map tracks the player positions and rotates the angle to the direction u facing , which mean that the curser on the map that represents your position is always facing north and the map rotates to fit this. Another action hud is when ever the player or the music in game changes it shows the music currently playing as well as tutorials and tips. The hud can be resized.

Car game time line:

Rally x-1980


pole position-1982

pitstop ii-1984



out run-1986

RC pro-am-1987

test drive-1987

hard drivin-1989


virtua racing 1992

super mario kart-1992

need for speed-1994

mario kart 64-1996

grand turismo-1997


midnight club-2000

need for speed underground-2003


forza motorsport-2005


forza motosport 3-2007

forza horizon-2012

grand turismo 6 -2013

forza motosport 5-2013

mario kart 8-2014

the crew-2014

project cars-2015

forza motosport 6 -2015

need for speed-2015


game-hud 1: Shows the current objective 

2: minimap

3: The speedometer 

4:lap number,time,position

5:distance to the objective or mission or player mark

6: nitrus level


Track outline: