2 live action trailer for games

Portal 3: This is a highly anticipated game and it won’t require a lot of props as well as cgi. The 2 robots that are in the game will go through portals on the stairs, ( we got a preview of that). Then the two players will have to complete puzzles like in portal where they are separated by a wall and they need to use their portal gun to get across the level. This will require them to put the box through a portal and put it on the button so a door opens for the player so they can get in a lift and go to the second phase. The film will end when two players will go down the lift. To make the portal effect we will wrap a hoola hoop with blue and yellow paper and make it glow in photoshop, this part doesn’t have to move. This idea will save time on massive editing.  2 main characters that have to work together to beat the level. the main character atlas and P-body (blue and orange).

My second idea is counter strike: This is a 5v5 game where there are terrorist and counter-terrorists planting the bomb, as terrorist and they will need the counter-terrorists to defuse the bomb. The players will re act how the game runs which is high tactical military tactics. For this, we will need a couple of plastic guns and some costumes, mostly bandanas and mask for the counter-terrorists. The CGI and sound for this would have to be gun sounds from the game with a possible explosion which could be part of a gameplay. The players will run through a map and it will swap to the gameplay.


website word meanings

HTML= Hypertext markup language, this is a programing language that displays text and with tags and information.

CSS= CAscading style sheets

bootstrap= its a css framework that was developed by twitter which helps you in making sure that the website looks the same on different sites and screen sizes

javascripts= is a programming language that enables the user to go to different web pages and click on links

JQuery= is a client to simplify the use of html.

AJAX=its a concept for a client to help the web to communicate with the database without needed to refresh or restart the website

datebase= a  base where date and memory are stored, this can be accessed through a server, this will keep data from the site, for example, login details.\

Client= is a computer or a desktop that can obtain data from a server.

WEB-server- its a server that takes and sends information from the database

php-server side script used to develop websitres

sql-is a language for managing datebase, taking input information and storing it within the datebase and sending it to the client

asp- another program to help build dynamic websites

angular-its  a program that helps to re use your code to build aps and websites

logo- its  a graphic that represents and business or organization

slider- its a horizontal bar that rotates text or information

navigation its a bar that helps to navigate around the website using links and urls

links- its a url- text that is connected to a another website or page

gallery- a group of pictures that are displayed together on a site.

thumbnails-small images usually linked to the bigger versions

lightbox its  a frame that contains viedeos and images with interactive elements to navigate around them.

stylesheets- they contain all information about the websites structure, design and graphics


15 stops

storybooks comics vision,



editorial sound and voices, music making the animatic

art develop thins visually, make the art style of the movie

modelling build characters the environment props, do the 3 dimension and scalp the characters.

rigging  puppeting, muscle and how the object move, face control

Surfacing colour and textures, and how things look

rough layout this is where its start to look like a movie

final layout finishes shots and prepare shot for animation stereo pass blocking

animation animators bring the characters to life like actors

crowds in charge of the extras of the film create a bunch of animation and repeat them on different characters automated

character fx style and everything that moves on the character hair clothing

fx explosions all effects and things like footprints snow, weather

technical director where things go wrong

mapping department skyes mauntains buildings

lighting putting light into the composition

image finaling

sound design music sound, dialog


Websites reviews

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.33.58

This is a portfolio/blog website which is a similar example of what I’m going to be creating. This is the homepage the page that the user will decide if he wants to stay on the site or not. The current attention span of an average human around 8 seconds. This 8 seconds and first impression will decide if the user will continue.

The hierarchy of this homepage is the image of the bear. The first thing that the user noticed is that the bear isn’t real and that is a sculpture, this can also be linked to the navigation bar where the word sculpture is mentioned as well as exhibitions and sketches which implies that the website is about art.

The big picture is there to grab the users attention and “go oh this is interesting”. The size of the image also tells the user that it’s about something to do with art or creativity.

The top right of the home page has links to social media or contact information where the user can click on one of the icons, which will result in a new tab opening with the contents and site linked to the icon.

This leads us to talk about the use of colours and text. Starting with colours, the primary colour of this site is white, this is because white is a clean colour which helps to highlight the content of the page even more as it’s not distracting. As well as white as a colour is mostly used inside exhibitions and galleries, which links to the site because the purpose of this site is to show of her work. Basically, an online exhibition which is open to more people and moving with the times.

The text colour of the website is not really thought out because the grey is hard to see on the white depending on the screen which makes it difficult to read text on mobile devices.



Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.34.34

This is the about page, where the creator can talk about her work and express herself. The main focus of this page is the image which grabs the audience’s attention as well as fills in the negative space, negative space is something that makes designs look good and a lot of people always try to fill it in because they feel the need to, however having less on a page is sometimes more effective the filling it in with a lot of things. However, this goes both ways to much negative space and the page starts to feel blank and uninformative.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.34.44

This is the gallery with thumbnails to show of her work and small samples that the user can interact with if they want to find out more about that specific sculpture. This is effective especially for an art portfolio website because it’s like a mini exhibition, plus people are mostly interested in images and the sculptures its self that why there is no text until you click the image. This makes the user scroll through less which makes it more likely that he will see more of the work instead of giving up half way.  This also makes it more responsive to fewer things on the screen make it easier for mobile users as well as there is no text creating more negative space.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.34.48

This is an exhibition page which shows where her art and sculptures are shown. There are thumbnails with text to describe the place as well as the name of the place. The spacing between the option is separated by a low opacity grey line.


Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.34.58

This page is a 2 grid website which has a large image on the left and text on the right. This separates the website and gives it a negative break point with space.

Youtube websiteScreen Shot 2018-01-31 at 09.56.52

This is a youtube homepage you can see the search bar at the top the menu/navigation bar on the left and the thumbnails for videos that are recommended to the user in the middle stretching down to the right corner. The youtube logo is in the hot area as its the first thing people will recognise while going on a site, for example when youtube changed design the first thing the user sees is youtube which instantly makes the user recognise the website.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 09.57.10

This is how the youtube website looks when the user selects a video. If the user scrolls down the top bar with youtube on it scrolls with the page, in other words, it’s pinned to the top following the user around. The subscribe button is red because they want them to attract the user’s eye.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 09.57.29

This is the trending menu which shows the what people are watching.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 09.59.48

This is the upload menu which the user can either drag in the video file or just double click and do an old day search for the file with a pop-out window. Which will let you select files.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 09.59.59

This is the quick subsription Which allows the user to go to their followed channel really quickly which makes navigating around the website a lot easier.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.00.13

The main colours of the websites are red, grey, white, and blue, as well as black for no hyperlink text.

The next website I’m going to break down is a vintage agency portofolio website.


This site uses mostly black and white as its primary colours. The right side effects move around making the website dynamic. The font is roboto condensed bold and its very simple as well as easy to see on such simplistic background.Capture1

This is the menu bar which the user can access from the top right. This pulls out the navigation which other wise the user can just scroll down to access these( I recommend doing this because there are a lot of animations and transition to go from one page to another).


This Page changes the theme of having black background to white changing the contrast around. The white background is showing their accomplishments and costumer satisfaction which the white background helps the user to see the website more, this is also linked to exhibition always being white.


As you can see in top right the text is white.


And here the text is black. As the user scrolls the text changes its colour depending on its background. This dynamic text is very good in making sure your website can be read on all pages as well as making it easier if the crafter of the website wants to use more the one bacrkound colour.


This website a very very simplistic portfolio websites. It consists only of 3 main pages. The main focus of the page is the name at the top, and the thumbnails that consists of the person work. The background is white because white enables the thumbnails to have more expression and make them more visible.



This is one thing i don’t like about this website is the font from the biography page because it doesn’t fit the theme as well and it feel like this font should be used in things like newspapers


Once the person click on the thumbnail the user can see the image a lot bigger making it more detailed as well as give the user a video about the project.Capture4




Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.36.56

This is a french photo publishing website which can be seen with the big images on as backgrounds as well as the main simplicity of other elements like the navigation bar. This is done to reduce the visual noise of the other elements and create a big focus on the image instead. This is a home page which does well to introduce you to journey throughout out the website. This site included the infinite scrolling instead of going to another page and loading it each time, the site just scrolls down displaying the information, this is further enhanced by animations and transition between break points of the pages and information appearing around the screen. The colour of the menu is a mix between orange and brown (rgb(197, 157, 95)). This is a colour which makes it stand out from the background but doesn’t distract from the overall image.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.37.03

As the user scrolls down the big images are replaced by white background, the trend of the yellow-brown colour continues to highlight the important information on the site where everything else is replaced by black font. My criticism is that the navigation drop down menu on top right is a little to unnoticeable and hard to see making it possible for some users to miss the bar overall. The designer is manipulating the user around the site making him focus on the biggest to the smallest, this is combined with before mention colour scheme making this site very effective at making the user see what the creator wants them to see.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.37.08

This is another page where the giant image takes the role of a hero and make the user focus more on the center of the page then the borders. This is to make the user read the minimal text to gain the information they need. There is minimal text on this site because its a photography site, which means that the target audience would rather see art/image/photography then reading giant blobs of text.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.37.13Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.37.17

The site also has some thumbnail images as well as points which separate different data by using rectangles to highlight them and make and stand out from the background. This is to separate the elements of this page into different sections and enable the user to have a break between seen different information instead of seeing everything at once, this enables the user to think back on what they read.Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.37.20Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.37.26

Another portfolio website is envy labs this website uses mostly black and white as the background colours, which is currently the trend of design. This makes the website clean and easy on eyes website. This website

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.09.44

This website uses the white contrast of complementary colours to show difference between elements of this website. This website uses again flat design to keep up with modern design fashion.Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.10.03

On this page the website uses a photo to grab the audiences attention, then the text. This is to help peoiples imagination of what they are reading next. White backround is to help the user to see the text and image like in exhibitions.Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.10.11

The website continues its design with the dotted grey background. This page makes the tet smaller as its not important, it also highlights the important words with green to show make the user focus his/her attention on the words.Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.10.23

This page is a full picture to make the user look at it and imagine, as well as help the user to see what the business does.Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.10.44

The end of the website is a finish of the journey where u can find all the less important information and the reason why the companies put contact details at the bottom is because if some is looking for them they want them to see the whole website first.

application assignment evaluation

With research my ideas for my application where expanded and developed. I had succeeded in doing so by researching on how the professionals go about doing their creation of ux design, as well as looking at different applications and even websites to see what they do that makes the application so good or what they do that make the application terrible. I tried to compare my design ideas with other people in the class and ask them for an opinion on how they are feeling about using this application.

The next step was designing the actual application in which my wireframe came in handy showing me a rough idea of how i should lay out my application and how should the user feel navigating through. The purpose of my application is to let users find independent cinemas around them as well as films that are not usually shown in bigger cinemas like Cineworld or vue. I have based my design on simple and flat design because its the current design fashion that’s here to stay for longer then we expect as a lot of designers prefer this type of style. I have also only used black and white because it gives it a more mature and stylistic look, this is because of my target audience which are mostly adults from 40-70 class a to b1. This is because independent cinemas usually show either old films or films that focused on the more mature audience, as well as mostly only higher class and older people have more time and money to go to these cinemas.

What could have I improved if I did the task again? If I could do the task again I would spend more time on developing the idea in the sense of working more in my sketchbook drawing out my idea and changing it bit by bit to see how much better i can make the design and improve on the style. As well as focusing on researching more fonts and more about flat icons which would help me make the layout and message as well as the purpose of the application a lot more clearer and easier understand.

Games Design

The Original 2d platformer sonic game online. Why was it good because it was new it had revolutionary mechanics like speed and that was its biggest selling point. You go through the levels at high speeds and you had to pay attention to whats going on as well as when to stop. The boss fighter and graphics were something that was new at the time some every one hoped on the train. Sonic had a very good level design with puzzles, enemies as well as scenery that would change every time you completed a level similar to old Mario games that changed when you completed a world. A lot of games copied each other on mechanics and style of game adding a few mechanics but the core gameplay was the same

Where the game separated them selfs from other games is the main design protagonist who had a very well designed design with appropriate blue tone to give the right visual tone for this type of game, is sprite made in this game is high quality. Also, the bright colours attracted children and made the game more pleasant to look at. The game has 6 scenarios of which each one is different to the other, demonstrating the variety of design and drawing that I liked so much in this game.


Super street fighter exp on play station 1 was another one of my favourite retro games as it was an easy game but hard to master fighting to become better and beat your friends was one of the best things about this game at least for me as well as remembering fighting combos and mechanics. The abilities were crazy and revolutionary at the time which made the game even better for me because I was in the age period where superheroes were popular. Plus the arcade game of the comfort of your home. The game had different scenery ranging from fight clubs to back streets even under bridges making the game more intense and atmospheric. The picture below shows one of them which is a Japanese dojo fight club.


As well as the scenery all the characters where unique having different combos and abilities that needed great knowledge of the game and the character to use, in this game timing and reflexes are key because some abilities needed channelling which would freeze your character for a short while to use a specific abilities however your opponent could interrupt the ability and know you down doing damage to your character. There was also character counter picking which means that some character did better against others but where weaker against different characters. This I think added a huge depth to the game and strategy that only players who were really engaged in the game could understand and be the best like I said earlier easy to play hard to master. Making this game a viable for everyone even those who don’t want to be the best but giving that sense of accomplishment.

The old Zelda games are one of the best games ever made in my opinions for the story, mechanics and graphics for the time as it was the beginnings of games and the general RPG (role-playing games) The game shined with its loot and dialogue which player could sit back and feel the story and engage into the story and the changing scenery of the world making each level feel fresh and different even if its a fantasy world the world resembled the real world. The old Zelda wasn’t a side scroller which was something different for the time. The game did have a lot of puzzles which were a trend back then for most of the games.

However it wasn’t the mechanics of the game that shined the thing that made the game really good was the story, the story was that Zelda the princes broke the trinity into 8 pieces for Link( the protagonist of the games) to  find and rescues her from the evil Ganon that kidnapped her shortly after she broke the trinity so Ganon did not get it.

The game makes you go through magical world killing monsters and completing quests to find and recreate the trinity to defeat the main villain. The monsters and bosses where different from each other  having the player to learn the attack patterns and weak spots to defeat them  and get closer to their goal


Super Mario world a game that came out on the legendary Nintendo console SNES this game was a new entry to the Mario universe. A lot of people hate it because of the level design and weird mechanics which I just think that they are resistant to change. In this entry, you can Ride Yoshi which is the way you move around platforms and jump. I liked this a lot because the levels were new and it made you think differently than other Mario games making it fresh and original in my opinion reviving the platforming genre.

The graphics have vastly improved since the original Mario. The image and sprites are a lot clearer with less pixel making the Mario universe even easier for gamers to get stuck on and enjoy the project that the developer team create. The background graphics make you feel like the game has depth and is more than just 2d sprites. This is enhanced even more by shadows that make an appearance in this game to make the sprites look like the curve.mario_world_review_01

Another retro game I played a lot when I was younger was Super Mario 64 this game came out on the Nintendo 64 and was the first 3d Mario and it was absolutely amazing ranging from amazing scale, depth and graphics. For the first time Mario wasn’t just a sprite he was a 3d model that the user could really feel the depth and how amazing and huge the world of Mario is. The story was the usual princess gets kidnapped by Balza and you the main protagonist need to save her but before you can do that you need to collect 100 stars scattered around worlds that you enter by jumping into paintings, worlds have star requirements that you need to meet to be able to unlock the world giving the game a huge progression system and sense of accomplishment.

The game did very well with scale making sure you feel very small compared to your enemies and the levels making you fear them and make sure your strategies against them instead of just running into the enemies and dying. The game also features coins that regenerating  1 bar of your health and upon collecting 100 gives you an extra life.


The game also had an underwater level which was my favourite in the whole series because it made you watch your oxygen and explore depths of the ocean and find treasure scattered around the world. As well as being very original because the game tackled a new mechanic which was water diving in a 3d  environment creating that atmosphere of the dark and mysterious ocean and how scary it can be.


about the game:

The main protagonist is a crusader who has stumbled across a temple in the middle of the  Sahara desert. He was suffering from the affect of  the desert sun; as a result, on entering the temple his legs felt weak, causing a coalition with the ground. The combination of heat and the attack from the ground leads the protagonist into a dream state from which he emerges into a dark, unfamiliar forest.

As he explores the forest with his sharp eye, he hears a whisper from a small source of light. This explains to him that he is not where he was. As the crusader gets back to his senses the spirit tells him that  he has passed out in the temple of Anubis. To get out of the “trial” he needs to find the 3 legendary weapons: the sword of the wanderer, the bow of deadeye and the shield of the protector. If the protagonist succeeds in doing so, he will be challenged by the Anubis himself. There were a lot of challengers who tried to confront  the Anubis. They all failed. Now their souls have been bound to Anubis, serving him. The effect of this changes them to werewolves and crocodiles. After getting to the portal transporting you into the next era you need to defeat the 5 guardians. Going thought the last portal teleports you to The Anubis layer, where you can challenge him and try to defeat him.However these weapons have been scattered across time and collecting them requires to go through 5 different time periods: Primitive, Renaissance, WW 2 , modern time and distant future.

My game will be a 2d mobile device side scroller; Trial Of Anubis. It will have some elements of platform games like Sonic and RPG. The villains evolve as you progress through the game starting with primitive weapons to modern day rifles , to space rifles. However your character evolves too getting laser swords and bows as well as armour sets and skills that you can buy in the shop, with coins you have collected during the game.




As the enemies evolve  the background too starting in forests and small villages going to big sci fi cities with massive space ships flying behind the character making the game feel like its progressing through time. The era I’m going to use is the medieval time period which will be the start of the game. I chose this because that’s going to be the tutorial part of the game with the easier part of the game however I will show some of the future times like weapons and some of the armour.

(use of armour upgrade,  new weapons the game will also use the combos mechanics (pressing multiple keys for a special move). ( energy will be like a mana bar where you recharge it by collecting items scattered around level) it will trigger a special attack.




Something like steet fighter or tekken but easier. It will be easier because I want the game to be accsesible to alot different age groups. (This only applies to combos I will have different difficulty levels)

The game will start in a dark forest with a blood moon and the main protagonist will be attacked by the ware wolf faction. The on screen tutorial will start telling you about different key binds and mechanics and attacks as well as the upgrade system.


The level that the character is going to start in is going to be a dark forest, with moving plants, torch bugs and birds flying about in the distance. I will try to recreate a forest and the darkness of the night during a blood moon. The enemies will be appearing from right and top side of the screen they will jump and always focus on the main protagonist.

The ghost warrior. The game is focused on a warrior who was stumbled upon a temple in which he met a spirit that put him in a trial. To finish the trial he needs to defeat the bosses. The main protagonist is equipped with a sword and shield to protect himself against the enemies and make deadly strikes with his sword.  The character can climb, walk, shield block walk, jump and attack. In my playable demo only one boss will be  a viable and he is the alligator king which sits on the throne and does shockwave attacks which can be avoided by jumping, the boss has 3 bars of health, if the boss loses a health he speeds up by 1x making the shockwaves even harder to avoid, creating challenge for users. This is a 3d side scroller that focuses on platforming elements with hack and slash games inspiration.

A player would like to play the game because of its a different take on the genre of side-scrolling which combines hack and slash techniques with the block mechanic, which deflects projectiles and melee attack however it makes you a lot slower and takes away your option to jump.

The art style in my game is simple sharp vector based graphics which represents real-life objects in a minimalistic look with no detail. I choose this because it gives my game a unique look and makes my game more recognisable as well as makes the user look more into the scenery and background to explore the game.

My targeted platform is a mobile flash game that’s also a viable for pc and macs, as its a very simple game and does not require a lot of processing power.  This makes my game a viable to a wider range of audience.

This game will be created on the unreal engine using blueprints and html5 programming. Most of my animation is done in illustrator and tested in photoshop as a frame to frame animation which is brought alive with photoshop and gif conversion.

My schedule is to complete the work and assets by the 14 of December and finish the game in early may as a working prototype.

As the character progresses through the stories and defeats the bosses in the game Anubis makes the character travel through different time period going into future every time he defeats a boss. As the time progresses the character and the enemies start wearing and using weapons of those times, putting a progression system in the game which keeps players more entertained. This also ties back to the look and design of the game, as the game progresses the background and everything else starts to be looking more detailed.

The characters are

the warrior- the main protagonist that was challenged by the god Anubis. Tough, strong and cold-blooded, will do anything to achieve this goal as he doesn’t back down on challenges.

The alligator king- the first trail guardian that protects the gate to the renaissance era. Legends and tales say he defeat a whole army by himself with his famous foot stomp, which trembles the ground and devastates anyone who gets in it. However, that was in the past he is now old but don’t underestimate his witness and his physical strength


Music research for game design:

I’m going to use Need for Speed (2015) as an example because I think that this game has realistic sound. The game uses Frostbite Engine creating realistic sounds and environment engaging the player to feel like he is inside the game. mon_nov_2_21-31-52_est_2015

The game has an engaging Soundtrack ranging from peaceful slow audio too intense music when racing creating tension.  Here is a link to the songs that were used in the game:

The developers of the game used realistic car sounds in the game to immerse the player. They also realised that sound is the most crucial thing in a racing game. After releasing this the dev team and sound team interacted and worked together all the time synchronizing the sound and the events in the game.

To create the sounds that their target audience and all audience will enjoy and immerse themselves in the work of art. To do this they interact with their costumes carrying out surveys and events which the community can get involved.

The game’s soundtrack has its own created songs to perfectly fit with the current event that’s happening within the game. However, they use a lot of music that already been created and its on top of the charts to attract an audience.

In my game, I’m going to use piano and violin music to give this medieval feel to it as well as create a tense atmosphere with action and vast and loud piano speeding up in tense moments.

evaluating a hud from a game:

The game is need for speed 2015 and it’s the last racing game I played that is photo realistic. The hud in the game fits the game style and theme. The main things that this game does that separate it from other games are the sound and music that this game uses to make the player feel immersed in the game and feel realistic. There are 3 different huds that are used in this game. Permanent, action and pull up. The permanent is the map and speedometer and the nitrous level. The action is the drift and rep multiplayer that comes out whenever the players start doing drifts of tricks. The pull up is what the speedometer displays like kmh or mph. The hud is easily visible. The game also lets you edit the hud and move or disable the hud elements to personal preference. The map tracks the player positions and rotates the angle to the direction u facing, which mean that the curser on the map that represents your position is always facing north and the map rotates to fit this. Another action hud is whenever the player or the music in-game changes it shows the music currently playing as well as tutorials and tips. The hud can be resized.




To create my game I have looked at different games and even animation to make my game look and play better. For example I have taken some bits from the story of zelda about collecting the tri weapons and becoming trailed by a god. I have done this because its a good way of bringing people to play your game because they will feel like they played something similar that was good and they will be willing to try your game out.

I have also taken some of the backgrounds from rayman as i tried to make a forest looking like environment. Looking at these pictures help me with creating some vegetation and help me with the lighting and atmosphere of a forest.


I made these animations using my made characters in illustrator and creating the timeline that shows the movement of the different actions that the character of the object is doing. This is to create a frame by frame animation which I later pasted the vectors into a photoshop file ( which I set up as a web file with the size of 500 x 500 pixels). After inputting the images I created a timeline by clicking the button at the button and creating different time layers, depends on how many I needed. After that, I selected all my layers with the images and resized them if necessary with ctrl+t and changing its scale. Once I make sure everything thing is in the right place and fits I hold shift and make all the layers with the object invisible, this is to deselect all the visible layers on the timeline. I then select number 1 time layer and turn on layer one with the object on it, then I move to time layer number2 and make object layer 2 visible I repeat depending on how many layers the animation has. Then I set the playback to forever and the frame time to 0.1. Once I have done this export it legacy web, which is a gif.

These are some of my animation. animation-character-test




These 3 are different character walking animations. The one I’m going to use is the last one because comparing it to the other to its the most fitting walking cycle as the character looks like he is walking heavily on the ground. I didn’t choose the second one because I think that the shield is going way too far back as well as the feet look like he is sneaking instead of walking. I didn’t choose the first one because the character has almost no movement as well as the shield neither the sword moves making it feel like the accessories the character has been stuck with him.


This is my idle animation which I made my character take off his head and polish it, I thought that this was a good idle animation because it’s different and more original than the character just breathing of going up and down. This animation has some feet and hands disappear however this is not how it looks on the illustrator this was a mistake with the pasting into photoshop.  I have repeated the first 4 frames at the end because the character needs to get back to the same position as he was standing.


This is the main boss attack which he puts his foot down and creates a shockwave that becomes smaller the further away the shockwave goes. I have added a shack to the animation to represent the impact of the foot for the dramatic effect. This is a work in progress, I need to change the visual of the animation like making the characters eyes more visible and make the seat look more like a throne to make a better visual representation. I will also make the shockwave more visible and change the colour to more blue/cyan colour.



This animation is where the character uses the block mechanic. The character can also move forward when the character is in a blocking animation This is hard to see on the white background but the character moves his front foot forward and then drags the rest of his body forward and then repeats it.


This animation is the attacking animation which is a work in progress, I am going to change the way his head moves because it moves to much forward. As well as adding a spark to when the sword hits.


This is the enemies attack animation, It will be a little bit slower in the final version. The character puts back his feet and leans into the spear to make the feeling of the power and strength put into the jab and the motion that goes into the attack.


Lader climbing, This is the animation that the character will be used to go up vertical ladders to climb up higher into the mountain in the first level. The animation will be repeated on the ladder but moved on the screen so it looks like the character keeps going up however it’s only going to be one animation repeated.


This is the enemies walking animation. I made the enemies limp to make them feel more goofy which is what I want. I want the enemies to be a little more funnier where the main character is serious to.





My game hud is very simplistic and only has 2 elements to not cluster the screen, I done this because I want the player to look at the environment and focus on combat instead of paying most of their attention to the hud. My hud contains health bar and the coins which enable the player to keep track of the amount they collected as well as be able to see when they will get healed by collecting enough coins.

I made the game start in a dark forest with very dark red sky indicating a blood moon as well as creating this scary feeling of unknowing where the person is located and what’s out there in the forest. As the character finished the tutorial which are the first 2 side-scrolling elements the character goes out of the dark forest and enters the jungle with huge trees that the character needs to climb up. As he climbs up he appears in the mountains very high with snowing effects and snow all around the place. There will be a castle that he can enter, the boss is in there, the castle is old and dark with a little of light.


During the time I was developing my game I have changed through some designs of my level.Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 12.12.10

This is the original design its dark and hard to see, as well as the light ray is very unrealistic and doesn’t fit the sky behind the windows.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 12.11.15

This is the changed version where i have made everything more clear  and lighter as well as changing the background  to fit the level before this I have also changed the gradient of the floor and the i have changed the light ray to be more purple, i have done this using a gradient and 4 different colours white purple light purple and black.






I feel like my games design could of gone alot better by actually spending more time building the game in unreal and learning the steps on how to build a game. I could have spend more time polishing the graphics and referencing to other games with similar style.

The points I think I done well at was making some of my final levels as well as making my animation cycles. I have spend time on the animation cycles repeating it and trying to make the animation run well with as few frames as possible while mating smoothness and look of the animation. I have done this by looking at other games that character’s limbs aren’t connected prime example is rayman. After looking at this I kept making new sprite sheets and compare them to my old ones and look at how I changed them and how I can make the even better.

Looking at my level design I was happy however I think I chose the wrong art style for a game that I chose. I went with a more minimalistic look because I wanted the player to look and think of  what the objects are. However I think i should have made the level a lot more detailed to create an atmosphere in which the player can emerge into. I tried making the last level more detailed with sustaining  the minimalistic look to make it look like it’s still the same game, and this made it look alot better giving more life to the game.

I have also done some hud and music research in which I talked about in my blog. I have done this because I know that the music can help game create emotion and atmosphere as well as having sound effect can make animation look better, for example adding a sword colliding with something can make the sword feel and look heavier or lighter. I have done a very minimalistic type of hud to make sure the player doesnt get distracted from the actual game.


My game hud

My game hud is very simplistic and only has 2 elements to not cluster the screen, I done this because I want the player to look at the environment and focus on combat instead of paying most of their attention to the hud. My hud contains health bar and the coins which enable the player to keep track of the amount they collected as well as be able to see when they will get healed by collecting enough coins.

What have I taken reference from?

To create my game I have looked at different games and even animation to make my game look and play better. For example I have taken some bits from the story of zelda about collecting the tri weapons and becoming trailed by a god. I have done this because its a good way of bringing people to play your game because they will feel like they played something similar that was good and they will be willing to try your game out.

I have also taken some of the backgrounds from rayman as i tried to make a forest looking like environment. Looking at these pictures help me with creating some vegetation and help me with the lighting and atmosphere of a forest.