2 live action trailer for games

Portal 3: This is a highly anticipated game and it won’t require a lot of props as well as cgi. The 2 robots that are in the game will go through portals on the stairs, ( we got a preview of that). Then the two players will have to complete puzzles like in portal where they are separated by a wall and they need to use their portal gun to get across the level. This will require them to put the box through a portal and put it on the button so a door opens for the player so they can get in a lift and go to the second phase. The film will end when two players will go down the lift. To make the portal effect we will wrap a hoola hoop with blue and yellow paper and make it glow in photoshop, this part doesn’t have to move. This idea will save time on massive editing.  2 main characters that have to work together to beat the level. the main character atlas and P-body (blue and orange).

My second idea is counter strike: This is a 5v5 game where there are terrorist and counter-terrorists planting the bomb, as terrorist and they will need the counter-terrorists to defuse the bomb. The players will re act how the game runs which is high tactical military tactics. For this, we will need a couple of plastic guns and some costumes, mostly bandanas and mask for the counter-terrorists. The CGI and sound for this would have to be gun sounds from the game with a possible explosion which could be part of a gameplay. The players will run through a map and it will swap to the gameplay.


HTML= Hypertext markup language, this is a programing language that displays text and with tags and information.

CSS= CAscading style sheets

bootstrap= its a css framework that was developed by twitter which helps you in making sure that the website looks the same on different sites and screen sizes

javascripts= is a programming language that enables the user to go to different web pages and click on links

JQuery= is a client to simplify the use of html.

AJAX=its a concept for a client to help the web to communicate with the database without needed to refresh or restart the website


datebase= a  base where date and memory are stored, this can be accessed through a server, this will keep data from the site, for example, login details.\

Client= is a computer or a desktop that can obtain data from a server.


















15 stops

storybooks comics vision,



editorial sound and voices, music making the animatic

art develop thins visually, make the art style of the movie

modelling build characters the environment props, do the 3 dimension and scalp the characters.

rigging  puppeting, muscle and how the object move, face control

Surfacing colour and textures, and how things look

rough layout this is where its start to look like a movie

final layout finishes shots and prepare shot for animation stereo pass blocking

animation animators bring the characters to life like actors

crowds in charge of the extras of the film create a bunch of animation and repeat them on different characters automated

character fx style and everything that moves on the character hair clothing

fx explosions all effects and things like footprints snow, weather

technical director where things go wrong

mapping department skyes mauntains buildings

lighting putting light into the composition

image finaling

sound design music sound, dialog


Websites reviews

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.33.58

This is a portfolio/blog website which is a similar example of what I’m going to be creating. This is the homepage the page that the user will decide if he wants to stay on the site or not. The current attention span of an average human around 8 seconds. This 8 seconds and first impression will decide if the user will continue.

The hierarchy of this homepage is the image of the bear. The first thing that the user noticed is that the bear isn’t real and that is a sculpture, this can also be linked to the navigation bar where the word sculpture is mentioned as well as exhibitions and sketches which implies that the website is about art.

The big picture is there to grab the users attention and “go oh this is interesting”. The size of the image also tells the user that it’s about something to do with art or creativity.

The top right of the home page has links to social media or contact information where the user can click on one of the icons, which will result in a new tab opening with the contents and site linked to the icon.

This leads us to talk about the use of colours and text. Starting with colours, the primary colour of this site is white, this is because white is a clean colour which helps to highlight the content of the page even more as it’s not distracting. As well as white as a colour is mostly used inside exhibitions and galleries, which links to the site because the purpose of this site is to show of her work. Basically, an online exhibition which is open to more people and moving with the times.

The text colour of the website is not really thought out because the grey is hard to see on the white depending on the screen which makes it difficult to read text on mobile devices.



Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.34.34Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.34.44Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.34.48Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.34.58Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.35.05Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.35.11Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.35.17Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.35.22Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.35.27

application assignment evaluation

With research my ideas for my application where expanded and developed. I had succeeded in doing so by researching on how the professionals go about doing their creation of ux design, as well as looking at different applications and even websites to see what they do that makes the application so good or what they do that make the application terrible. I tried to compare my design ideas with other people in the class and ask them for an opinion on how they are feeling about using this application.

The next step was designing the actual application in which my wireframe came in handy showing me a rough idea of how i should lay out my application and how should the user feel navigating through. The purpose of my application is to let users find independent cinemas around them as well as films that are not usually shown in bigger cinemas like Cineworld or vue. I have based my design on simple and flat design because its the current design fashion that’s here to stay for longer then we expect as a lot of designers prefer this type of style. I have also only used black and white because it gives it a more mature and stylistic look, this is because of my target audience which are mostly adults from 40-70 class a to b1. This is because independent cinemas usually show either old films or films that focused on the more mature audience, as well as mostly only higher class and older people have more time and money to go to these cinemas.

What could have I improved if I did the task again? If I could do the task again I would spend more time on developing the idea in the sense of working more in my sketchbook drawing out my idea and changing it bit by bit to see how much better i can make the design and improve on the style. As well as focusing on researching more fonts and more about flat icons which would help me make the layout and message as well as the purpose of the application a lot more clearer and easier understand.

Games Design Evaluation

I feel like my games design could of gone alot better by actually spending more time building the game in unreal and learning the steps on how to build a game. I could have spend more time polishing the graphics and referencing to other games with similar style.

The points I think I done well at was making some of my final levels as well as making my animation cycles. I have spend time on the animation cycles repeating it and trying to make the animation run well with as few frames as possible while mating smoothness and look of the animation. I have done this by looking at other games that character’s limbs aren’t connected prime example is rayman. After looking at this I kept making new sprite sheets and compare them to my old ones and look at how I changed them and how I can make the even better.

Looking at my level design I was happy however I think I chose the wrong art style for a game that I chose. I went with a more minimalistic look because I wanted the player to look and think of  what the objects are. However I think i should have made the level a lot more detailed to create an atmosphere in which the player can emerge into. I tried making the last level more detailed with sustaining  the minimalistic look to make it look like it’s still the same game, and this made it look alot better giving more life to the game.

I have also done some hud and music research in which I talked about in my blog. I have done this because I know that the music can help game create emotion and atmosphere as well as having sound effect can make animation look better, for example adding a sword colliding with something can make the sword feel and look heavier or lighter. I have done a very minimalistic type of hud to make sure the player doesnt get distracted from the actual game.


My game hud

My game hud is very simplistic and only has 2 elements to not cluster the screen, I done this because I want the player to look at the environment and focus on combat instead of paying most of their attention to the hud. My hud contains health bar and the coins which enable the player to keep track of the amount they collected as well as be able to see when they will get healed by collecting enough coins.

What have I taken reference from?

To create my game I have looked at different games and even animation to make my game look and play better. For example I have taken some bits from the story of zelda about collecting the tri weapons and becoming trailed by a god. I have done this because its a good way of bringing people to play your game because they will feel like they played something similar that was good and they will be willing to try your game out.

I have also taken some of the backgrounds from rayman as i tried to make a forest looking like environment. Looking at these pictures help me with creating some vegetation and help me with the lighting and atmosphere of a forest.