Topology and How to set up Maya and keep your files organized

Let’s start with topology. Topology is a study of geometrical properties and spatial relations unaffected by the continuous change of shape or size of figures. This means that the properties of space are unaffected by stretching or bending etc….

Modelers look for a clean topology, typically illustrated by a 3D mesh with efficient polygon distribution, proper placement of polygonal edge-loops, few or no triangular faces (as opposed to 4-sided “quads”), and clean precise creases that minimize stretching and distortion. Making the model look realistic as well as natural.

How to set up a project in Maya. This is the most important part of working with Maya because if you don’t save your project correctly the file is likely to be lost or not working because some of the files within the project have been moved or deleted and the program can not read it anymore. As soon are you create a new project you need to save it to the desired location preferably in on a USB stick or google drive. This will allow Maya to create its subfolder which it will put the information and changes to your project.

This will allow you to keep your files organized and the thing you need to remember is always moving the project together with its folders because that’s where the project is reading the information from.



2 different jobs using 3d animation and modeling

The 3d modelling jobs are jobs that require the user to create images or topologies in a 3d workspace. The first example is interior design, this profession requires you to show your costumer and people who are going to be making the interior your vision and how it is going to look at a final product. This is important because the people who make the interior need to see what the customer wanted to make a satisfactory final product. For 3d modelling jobs the skills that a person requires are modelling and good knowledge of Maya interface, as this will speed up the process of design. Another skill is knowing how to make use basic shapes into the complex topology.

Another job is CGI design. This job mostly focuses on 3d modelling and animation, and the purpose of it is to create the most realistic looking 3d animation and models. This will require the designer to be able to create complex shapes and points as well as being able to make the model move naturally to create the feeling of real movement and recreation of the world.

Basic Shapes tutorial and Rocket ship maya

I have made a rocket ship using polygons. The polygons I used are cylinder, 2 cubes and a pyramid. The Cylinder was the body of the ship and 2 cubes where the rocket fuel ejectors. The prism was the top of the rocket ship.

The basic key frame animation in Maya using the polygons. I completed this using the by placing a basic shape in the middle of the work space. By selecting it and pressing key selecting on the x translation bar. The x bar has lighted red which mean the key has been placed and then I moved the shape on the x axis. I done this to 2 other polygons making each one travel quicker over the same distance.

I am applying for my chosen course because I have passion and motivation to create websites for business and doing human manipulation. Making users do what you want them to do and navigating the user around the project. I’m trying to learn and sharpen my skills even further by going to university and experiencing professional designs. Every day I browse websites and I instead of just following the manipulation I look further into the design and choices as well as the ideology behind.

I like being creative and making new design with the combination of coding. Which creates a lot of problems and solving problems is one of my strongest skills, combining with presentations skills. I know that this is the profession I will be happy doing for life, going to work, working for website and application design will make me happy. Which I think that going to work with a smile is one of the most important things because you are going to be doing this for the rest of your life.

I believe that I am suitable for the course because I love designing digital systems as well as learning new tricks or following trending fashions to deliver the best user experience as well as learning new programs that will make my designing easier and more accessible ti the users. Over the years learning in high school and college I still have that passion to learn new things as well as improve things I already learned.

In my current college course ( I Media and Games Design) I have done things like poster designs and 2d animation. I have vastly improved my sketching and planning skills over the past year in college by giving more thought and research processes. I have experience in using adobe programs and i’m very familiar with their interfaces. This year i’m going to be making application and a website which will relate to the proffesion i want to do in the future. during this time i will learn new design skills as well as sharpening my current skills like presentation, research and design, as well as some css knowledge.

My first strongest skill is probably problem solving, I can show that I can think logically and if needed I think of different way of going about or around the problem and different ways of solving it that will fit in different occasions. This is very important in application and website creation because design is all about solving problems, finding ways of solving problems that the costumer doesn’t know how to solve them self

My other strong skill is presentation and time management.




This bar has different icons off differe t polygons that you can click on and it will place the polygon of your choice in vector 0 which is the middle points as well as the only place where the 3 axis meet. There is sphere,cube,cylinder, prisim, torus. These polygons can later be changed as well as their positions on the grid line.


These icons are for different view modes for example a mode where the user does not see the faces he seen outlines (edges) of the polygons or shapes, this is useful if the user wants to see if the shapes are straight for example of they align with different objects.


This is the cursor tools bar which allow you  go through different modes. The first one is just a normal cursor which is selected upon entering maya. The second one is lasso tool which allows you to select objects with a self drawn shape alows you to curve and go around objects you do not want to select. Next in like is paint select tool which is self explanatory selecting objects that have been painted. Next one the move tool upon clicking it and selecting a shape (w is shortcut) 3 arrows spawn in on the object you have selected and you can move the object using the arrows on the 3 different axis. The next one is the rotation tool which the user can rotate the object around 360. The last one is scale tool which allows you to change the size of the whole shape equally at all sides.

Also the magnet icons are snap tools which what ether they are like snap to points, grid that means that they will help you put the shape on the grid or the points that you can manually put down.


(By tapping space I went into this view withing maya that shows different angles of your project making it easier to vision how things look from different camera angles this is really useful for animating because sometimes things look different from different perspectives.)

This is the 3d column that I created in maya using basic 3d models starting with the cube that I have scaled down the y axis to 0.15 to make the column base shorter.

After that I have snapped the the polygon base to the grid by holding the the d key which turns on the point to snap tool which makes the program help you with placing materials according to the grid. By holding the d key and dragging the pivot to the lowest vertex. Then i simply used the move toll and dragged the polygon up snapping it to the grid.

Then the time came to create the cylinder, the main part of the column, I created a cylinder using the primitive cylinder tool. The polygon appeared at 0, which is the centre of the project. Then I changed the cylinder by changing the radius to 0.4, the Height to 9, Subdivision axis to 32, subdivision height to 1 and subdivision caps to 1.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 20.06.35

As I done before using the point snipping (Holding down d key) I have moved the pivot to the base of the Cylinder let go of the d key and dragged the green arrow up align the base with the cylinders base.

The last shape I used was the Torus polygon. I have moved the polygon to the top of the cylinder using the move tool and changed its dimensions too:

Radius  0.4, Section radius  0.1, Twist  0, Subdivision axis 12, Subdivision height  12
Select the ‘column base press ctrl+D to duplicate the base rename the duplicate as ’topColumn’ select the move tool and then move the base to the top press the space bar to see all four perspectives hover over the side view with the mouse and then press spacebar selected press ‘F’ to zoom in and frame the object then pull the column down until it is in line with the top of the Torus.
Once the main column shape has taken place you will want to make sure that it can all be moved as one Click on the select tool (the arrow in the tool bar) Click and drag over all the object. With all the column objects highlighted, press ctrl+g to group all of the objects that have just been created


This is what i got stuck on because maya did not alow me to place edge loops.

Task 1 For Application Design

Application design became very popular around 2010 when the smartphone era exploded making around 2.1 billion people own a smartphone which is crazy. With this there are a lot of people and professionals needed to research and design as well as create these application for every day use. I use my smartphone every 20 mins it feels like you sometimes do it unintentionally, like it become part of your life. The application I use the most is called “9gag” which is an application used for posting pictures and sharing it with people around the globe. Mostly memes.

After learning about different design techniques and colour theories I started to look at website and application differently, for example I learned that every thing on the page that the user looks at is there for a purpose like logo and important information being on the top left of the screen because that how we read and our attention spam only last couple of seconds making it even more important that the user find all the most important information straight away. Different colours that attract eyes like light colours for what you want the user to see and darker for what should stay more hidden or less of a priority of the user to read.

Cd and Dvd became no longer necessary and needed because companies and put out films and movies on different platforms and websites making it more cost effective for them then producing Dvds as well as making it cheaper for the costumer and more convenient because you don’t have to go out of your way to blockbusters or shops to buy Dvds to watch you can either stream them online or download them. There are still movies coming out on Bluray and Dvd but such trends are ending especially that internet and technology is becoming more advanced making movies loading times quicker and the quality even better then a normal Dvd disk and player can show on screen.

The first application I will review is  a g

Last application I will review as good designed one is 9gag. This application uses a lot of manipulation tricks to make the user follow exactly what the creators what the user to follow and (1)


This is the main screen that you will be looking at while using this application. The top bar has the most important information which are the 3 tabs Hot which is the most popular images then trending second most popular images that people liked and fresh which is a tab that show what people posted just now. The plus sign next to science is the button which lets you upload and image. The colour is complementary to let it stand out from the background so that peoples attention goes towards it . The button is just a plus sign because without saying “post image” or something like that the plus sign signifies that its about uploading a picture, this is a very good trick used by the designer which basically makes the user recognise features of the application in symbols.

There is a new feature withing 9gag where instead of just having hot trending and fresh you can now personally edit what other categories you would like to have quick access too.

The bottom bar is the second navigation bar which is the less important because instead of navigating you through the images and different categories it navigates your around the application like exploring which is basically a search bar or news tab which lets you know if someone up voted your post or liked your comment. As well as your profile tab which is on the far right because its the lest important part of the application, the designers wanted you to navigate about the app and look at different images hence the home button(which is the main page where you look at those images is)







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My Game Idea and lore

The main protagonist is a crusader who has stumbled across a temple in the middle of the  Sahara desert. He was suffering from the affect of  the desert sun; as a result, on entering the temple his legs felt weak, causing a coalition with the ground. The combination of heat and the attack from the ground leads the protagonist into a dream state from which he emerges into a dark, unfamiliar forest.

As he explores the forest with his sharp eye, he hears a whisper from a small source of light. This explains to him that he is not where he was. As the crusader gets back to his senses the spirit tells him that  he has passed out in the temple of Anubis. To get out of the “trial” he needs to find the 3 legendary weapons: the sword of the wanderer, the bow of deadeye and the shield of the protector. If the protagonist succeeds in doing so, he will be challenged by the Anubis himself. There were a lot of challengers who tried to confront  the Anubis. They all failed. Now their souls have been bound to Anubis, serving him. The effect of this changes them to werewolves and crocodiles. After getting to the portal transporting you into the next era you need to defeat the 5 guardians. Going thought the last portal teleports you to The Anubis layer, where you can challenge him and try to defeat him.However these weapons have been scattered across time and collecting them requires to go through 5 different time periods: Primitive, Renaissance, WW 2 , modern time and distant future.

My game will be a 2d mobile device side scroller; Trial Of Anubis. It will have some elements of platform games like Sonic and RPG. The villains evolve as you progress through the game starting with primitive weapons to modern day rifles , to space rifles. However your character evolves too getting laser swords and bows as well as armour sets and skills that you can buy in the shop, with coins you have collected during the game.




As the enemies evolve  the background too starting in forests and small villages going to big sci fi cities with massive space ships flying behind the character making the game feel like its progressing through time. The era I’m going to use is the medieval time period which will be the start of the game. I chose this because that’s going to be the tutorial part of the game with the easier part of the game however I will show some of the future times like weapons and some of the armour.

(use of armour upgrade,  new weapons the game will also use the combos mechanics (pressing multiple keys for a special move). ( energy will be like a mana bar where you recharge it by collecting items scattered around level) it will trigger a special attack.




Something like steet fighter or tekken but easier. It will be easier because I want the game to be accsesible to alot different age groups. (This only applies to combos I will have different difficulty levels)

The game will start in a dark forest with a blood moon and the main protagonist will be attacked by the ware wolf faction. The on screen tutorial will start telling you about different key binds and mechanics and attacks as well as the upgrade system.


The level that the character is going to start in is going to be a dark forest, with moving plants, torch bugs and birds flying about in the distance. I will try to recreate a forest and the darkness of the night during a blood moon. The enemies will be appearing from right and top side of the screen they will jump and always focus on the main protagonist.

Retro Games Research

The Original 2d plat former sonic game online. Why was it good because it was new it had revolutionary mechanics like speed and that was its biggest selling point. You gone through level at high speeds and you had to pay attention to whats going on as well as when to stop. The boss fighter and graphics where something that was new at the time some every one hoped on the train. Sonic had very good level design with puzzels, enemies as well as scenery that would change every time you competed a level similar to old mario games that changed when you completed a world. Alot of games compied each other on mechanics and style of game adding a few mechnics but the core gameplay was the same

Where the game seperated them selfs from other games is the main design protagonist who had a very well designed design with appropriate blue tone to give the right visual tone for this type of game, is sprite made in this game is high quality. Also the bright colours atracted children and made the game more plesent to look at. The game has 6 scenarios of which each one is different to the other, demonstrating the variety of design and drawing that I liked so much in this game.


Superstreet fighter exp on play station 1 was another one of my favourite retro games as it was an easy game but hard to master fighting to become better and beat your friends was one of the best thing about this game at least for me as well as remembering fighting combos and mechanics. The abilities were crazy and revolutionary at the time which made the game even better for me because I was in the age period where super heroes where popular. Plus the arcade game of the comfort of your home. The game had different scenery ranging from fight clubs to back streets even under bridges making the game more intense and atmospheric. The picture below shows one of them which is a Japanese dojo fight club.


As well as the scenery all the characters where unique having different combos and abilities that needed great knowledge of the game and the character to use, in this game timing and reflexes are key because some abilities needed channelling which would freeze your character for a short while to use a specific abilities however your opponent could interrupt the ability and know you down doing damage to you character. There were also character counter picking which means that some character did better against others but where weaker against different characters. This I think added a huge depth to the game and strategy that only players who were really engaged into the game could understand and be the best, like I said earlier easy to play hard to master. Making this game a viable for everyone even those who don’t want to be the best but giving that sense of accomplishment.

The old Zelda games are one of the best games every made in my opinions for the story, mechanics and graphics for the time as it was the beginnings of games and the genera rpg (role plating games) The game shined with its loot and dialogue which player could sit back and feel the story and engage into the story and the changing scenery of the world making each level feel fresh and different even if its a fantasy world the world resembled the real world. The old Zelda wasn’t a side scroller which was something different for the time. The game did have a lot of puzzles which were a trend back then for most of the games.

However it wasn’t the mechanics of the game that shined the thing that made the game really good was the story, the story was that Zelda the princes broke the trinity into 8 pieces for Link( the protagonist of the games) to  find and rescues her from the evil Ganon that kidnapped her short after she broke the trinity so Ganon did not get it.

The game makes you go through magical world killing monsters and completing quests to find and recreate the trinity to defeat the main villain. The monsters and bosses where different from each other  having the player to learn the attack patterns and weak spots to defeat them  and get closer to their goal


Super Mario world a game that came out on the legendary Nintendo console SNES this game was a new entry to the Mario universe. A lot of people hate it because of the level design and weird mechanics which i just think that they are resistant to change. In this entry you can Ride Yoshi which is the way you move around platforms and jump. I liked this a lot because the levels where new and it made you think differently then other Mario games making it fresh and original in my opinion reviving the platforming genre.

The graphics have vastly improved since the original Mario. The image and sprites are a lot more clearer with less pixel making the Mario universe even easier for gamers to get stuck on and enjoy the project that the developer team create. The background graphics make you feel like the game has depth and is more then just 2d sprites. This is enhanced even more by shadows that make an appearance in the this game to make the sprites look like the curve.mario_world_review_01

Another retro game I played a lot when I was younger was Super Mario 64 this game came out on the Nintendo 64 and was a the first 3d mario and it was absolutely amazing ranging from amazing scale, depth and graphics. For the first time Mario wasn’t just a sprite he was a 3d model that the user could really feel the depth and how amazing and huge the world of mario is. The story was the usual princess gets kidnapped by Balza and you the main protagonist need to save her but before you can do that you need to collect 100 stars scattered around worlds that you enter by jumping into paintings, worlds have star requirements that you need to meet to be able to unlock the world giving the game a hug progression system and sense of accomplishment.

The game did very well with scale making sure you feel very small compared to your enemies and the levels making you fear them and make sure you strategies against them instead of just running into the enemies and dying. The game also features coins  that regenerating  1 bar of you health and upon collecting 100 gives you an extra life.


The game also had an underwater level which was my favourite in the whole series because it made you watch you oxygen and explore depths of ocean and find treasure scattered around the world. As well as being very original because the game tackled a new mechanic which was water diving in a 3d  environment creating that atmosphere of dark and mysterious ocean and how scary it can be.