In the website task I have designed and created a functioning website using muse. My website uses flat design, with the combination of white and grey as the 2 main colours, as well as black for fonts on the gallery page. Overall I think I done well on the design however I should have spent more time  on the usability of the site refining some of the light boxes and navigation around the site.

I have evaluated and research on what so popular about certain part of different websites, as well as fashions. I have done a flat and simple design because its a portfolio website, the users that are going to be using this portfolio are going to be looking at pictures and how the website is designed around my work and how it help to portrait my work.

I have have made the website with the focus of  my work as well as users experience. I done this to fully show of my work and compliment it with the colours. I have research using adobe color to see the best contrast around the website.

In the end I think I have done pretty good with the research and plan however due to being ill I didn’t complete my site completely, however I will continue working on it and finish it. I could have also worked more on book and plan as well as do more mood boards and wireframes.


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