My planner TASK 1

Week Task How Completed Notes
09/1/17 Research

·         Driving Game research – write about one example

·         Car Dashboards

·         Start to think about team names and game concept.

 I’m going to use internet and  my creativity to think of team names I’m going to base them on big power and countries yes  I made the team names and completed my research about car huds and game huds overall. I didn’t have much trouble doing so.
16/1/17 Research

·         Specific icons/displays from existing cars

·         Driving Game Timeline

 I have researched car dash boards from different cars to get a idea of what the driver needs to be able to drive properly. I done this using internet  yes
23/1/17 Ideas

Sketches, early design

 I have started to sketch out my ideas of logos for the team identity. Also started to think how I’m going to layout my hud and what types of hud I will use  yes  Logos took me longer then this and it spread till half turn.
30/1/17 Ideas

Design questions like, Is it visible? Or Does is fit the theme?

 yes I have done deisgn questions and I used them to give my self feedback when going throught the digital design phase.  yes
06/2/17 Design – feedback – group crit  My Fighter team logo colour was no visible when the logo was shrink and the position of the mini map is in the wrong place so its quiet distracting. yes
13/2/17 Design

The feedback taken, improve your work

I change the logo colour from blue to white so its more visible when the logo is smaller i have also changed the position of the mini map on the hud yes
20/2/17 Design (half-term)

Finish bits a piece and try to improve on your work even more

 I haven’t had much time over the half turn however I finished my logos and started on designing the hud which is almost finished.  yes
27/2/17 Finish design – deadline  I have finished all my stuff and I’m just finishing final sketches and my evaluation as well as completing my sketchbook.  yes


Car dashboards:


Task 2 Research:

mood board picture.jpg


Hud are important in a lot of games as they give you lots of information like health bar or a minimap.

There are 3 different types of Hud:

Permanent hud: This is the main hud thats always there and the player has no control over it.

Pull-up hud: Determined by user so u can move it around or make it fade away when not used.A

Actioned Hud: is triggered by events for example as u are about to die in a game u hud will start flashing or change colour.

Hud stands for Heads Up Display. In the games above you can see the 3 different huds. The Titanfall 2 hud would be a permanent hud because the user has no control over it.The the Division Hud is a pull-up Hud because the user has control over it u can remove and move it about the screen.A action Hud would be the overwatch one when you have 100% charge towards your ultimate the hud changes at the bottom. It’s triggered by an event.

Moral and Ethics and Laws

According to the law the original owner has the right to sue the thief if there is harm done, for example the owner lost money etc… This is wrong ethically because no one would like credit to be stolen from them. I also think this is morally wrong because I wouldn’t like some one to earn money or get phrased for something that I made.

In this task i wouldn’t be able to use a design or a logo of a car like Mercedes or even smaller car companies and call it my because that would be stealing work from some one else. I can’t steal someones mini map design or logo and call it my own because thats wrong ethically.

Copyright (google meaning)-the exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material.

In short some one can claim the right of their work to protect it  by the law that it’s his and no one has the right to use it without permission.

Trademark- is a claim on name or word similar to copyright the rights to the owner are protected by the law. This means in my game i wont be able to use the word BMW or any other trademarked protected words in my game without asking the permission of the owners.

In this assignment I can’t use big car brands or logos or car design because its ethically wrong, its a against the law for me to use a car design that belong to Mercedes or jaguar for example, as well as using hud from already existing games. This also applies to music I can’t use someones music in my game without their permission.

Moral and ethics is between right and wrong, is it right to do something or is it not, Ethically wrong or right is were a group of people are sharing the same opinion about whats wrong and whats right, where moral is more about the individual belief.

For example stealing a bike to save a someone is ethically wrong but morally right.

As well as pegi rating here in uk we have u,+3,+7,+12,+16,+18, this is important and all games have to have one according to law. These ratings are given based on the content of the game.

Racing game hud Research:


This is my recreation of Mario kart double dash hud in photoshop using techniques I learned in lesson. I have learned how to to 3d type and keep the gradient. I do that by rasterise the type first before changing it into 3d. I have also learned that u can copy the layer style which copies all of the information about the styles and special effect on the layer and applies it to the layer the user wants it too


This is the first Mario Kart game in the history. It was called super Mario Kart. The hud was a 16-bit and it came out in 1992. The hud was really simple and it only had a permanent hud. The graphics were pixilated and not sharp.


The next game in the saga was Mario Kart 6. The Hud started to evolve creating a new type of hud called action hud which showed after a specific requirement. The font became more detailed and easier to read. It also showed the first 4 players.

43323-Mario_Kart_-_Super_Circuit_(U)(Inferno)-9.pngThe next sequel is Mario kart super circuit which included direction sings that were a part of a action hud showing how step the next turn will be. The part on the left shows the first 4 players and if the player was one of them the box around the avatar would be glowing yellow, this is also a part of the action hud. The Hud now has a lot more detail to it and gives more information like how many coins you have and who is the the next character in front.  This was on a gameboy advance a hand held console.


Mario Kart double dash is the next game in the on going series. This was a revolution as the game featured a 32 bit resolution. Making the Hud a lot more colour full and sharper. There is also a speedometer which wasn’t featured in other Mario kart games. The Font had depth making it look 3d.


The mario kart ds hud changed lot from the mario kart double dash game. Mainly the reason that the ds is a hand held console. The bottom part of the hud is the map which utilised the unique structure of the ds. It had the leaderboards. The made the hud smaller removing the speedometer. This version had no action hud.


This mario kart game hud was alot more simple and easier to understand the information it gives you. The mini map on the other hand was a lot more advanced showing the direction u are facing and faces of the characters. As this was made for a home console the action hud has returned when ever u picked up an item.


Mario Kart 7 for the 3ds had its hud mostly removed and moved to the other screen of the ds containing the map and the leaderboards. The time laps. The actual game screen only contained your place and the action hud which shows up every time you picked up a power up.


Mario Kart 8 Is the newest game and it has a simple Hud. It uses action hud when u pick up a power up. It has the you position on the right the  font is really clear and easy to read. On the left it tells you how many laps u have left and how many coins u have collected.


The game is need for speed 2015 and its the last racing game I played that is photo realistic. The hud in the game fits the game style and theme. The main things that this game does that separate it from other games is the sound and music that this games uses to make the player feel immersed in the game and feel realistic. There are 3 different huds that are used in this game. Permanent, action and pull up. The permanent is the map and speedometer and the nitrus level. The action is the drift and rep multiplayer that comes out when ever the players starts doing drifts of tricks. The pull up is what the speedometer displays like khm or mph. The hud is easily visible. The game also lets you edit the hud and move or disable the hud elements to personal preference. The map tracks the player positions and rotates the angle to the direction u facing , which mean that the curser on the map that represents your position is always facing north and the map rotates to fit this. Another action hud is when ever the player or the music in game changes it shows the music currently playing as well as tutorials and tips. The hud can be resized.

Car game time line:

Rally x-1980


pole position-1982

pitstop ii-1984



out run-1986

RC pro-am-1987

test drive-1987

hard drivin-1989


virtua racing 1992

super mario kart-1992

need for speed-1994

mario kart 64-1996

grand turismo-1997


midnight club-2000

need for speed underground-2003


forza motorsport-2005


forza motosport 3-2007

forza horizon-2012

grand turismo 6 -2013

forza motosport 5-2013

mario kart 8-2014

the crew-2014

project cars-2015

forza motosport 6 -2015

need for speed-2015


game-hud 1: Shows the current objective 

2: minimap

3: The speedometer 

4:lap number,time,position

5:distance to the objective or mission or player mark

6: nitrus level


Track outline:


Task 3 logo and hud design:

team Imperial-colour Yellow

team Alliance-colour Blue

team Fighters- colour Green

Design Questions


Those it fit the theme of the team?

Is it visible if u shrink it?

Is it easily recognisable?

How does it present the teams identity?


Is it visible?

Is it informing enough?

Does it look modern?

Does it fit the theme of the game?

What could I improve?

Would I enjoy playing a game with a hud like this?

Is it clustered?

Logo development sketches and Final designs









From the Feedback i received from my friend i have change the logo for team fighters by changing the colour of the lions face to make it more visible when the logo is smaller.


+Hud Sketches and Final Designs








Task 4 Evaluation

This is my second media assignment and I feel like I could have done better. I should have spend more time on actual designing then research and making my sketchbook more presentable and done more sketch development.

I have done research about car dashboards game huds and car game huds and additionally I done some music research for the game. I done most of my research online and the rest was my knowledge. I have learned about the 3 types of huds as well as why they are important and why we use them for different situations.

My logo design is what most of my design time went into because I couldn’t decide what the right logos would be that fit the name and they are unique so the players can choose the team they think they like the most and they can join or relate too. With the actual design I have used photo shop and illustrator to create these logos most vector graphics were done in illustrator and the colours and text was done in Photoshop.

The actual hud. This part was probably the part I found the hardest because what ever I tried to sketch and plan I never felt that the hud will fit the style of the game which is photo realistic . However in the end I started to run out of time so I had to pick one of my designs. I have made the hud completely in photo shop using eclipse tool and rectangle tool to create the speedometer background and the charge of the car. To create the map I used the pen tool which then I changed to a selection and added a stroke using fill under edit tab. Then I decided to make it 3d changing the thickness of the track and rotating it on the z and y axis. I have done this so the map is easier to look at the it looks more modern because more and more games are starting to use 3d hud.

The music research is something I done to make the game project more interesting because I think the atmosphere that game create wouldn’t be possible without music especially car games where there are fast paste racing and emotion and thrill that the player can immerse himself in the game and imagine like he is inside that car racing for the team of his choice that he supports. After doing my research I concluded that the modern car games mostly use music genres like Trap, Dubstep and all the branches of dubstep for example EDM. They use this music because its usually fast paste and creates tension and also its modern music which a lot of people listen to now so it adapts to the crowd and times.

I have also started to draw designs for cars I have 4 prototypes that could be used in the game. I have drawn them look at aero dynamics so the cars can reach their maximum speed and not get slowed by the wind in London.

The map track I chose Is simple and easy to follow there is a lot of places to speed because they are straight road however there are also sharp turns to slow the players down and create the thrill of the track. On the track there are 4 chagrin stations that the players needs to go through which slows them down for couple of seconds. However if u run out of charge on the road your car will stop and start going a lot slower punishing you for not watching your charge.

Animated hud:











Music and car designs (extra)



Music research

Im going to use Need for Speed (2015) as an example because I think that this game has realistic sound. The game uses Frostbite Engine creating realistic sounds and environment engaging the player to feel like he is inside the game. mon_nov_2_21-31-52_est_2015

The game has an engaging Soundtrack ranging from peaceful slow audio too intense music when racing creating tension.

The developers of the game used realistic car sounds in the game to immerse the player. They also realised that sound is the most crucial thing in  a racing game. After  releasing this the dev team and sound team interacted and worked together all the time synchronizing the sound and the events in the game.

To create the sounds that their target audience and all audience will enjoy and immerse themselves in the work of art. To do this they interact with their costumers carrying out surveys and events which the community can get involved.

The games soundtrack has its own created songs to perfectly fit with the current event thats happening within the game. However they use a lot of music that already been created and its on top of the charts to attract audience.

The game uses a lot of different genres of music to attract bigger audience. The games soundtrack changes upon actions taken in the game. The game uses faster and lauder music when racing and also changes to heavier genre like electric, dubstep or metal.

The sounds in the game were recorded and are realistic which fits the theme of the game which is a realistic car simulator with photorealistic graphics. Music and sound are a big part of the entertainment because its almost everywhere. Movies, games, tv shows etc.., without music or sound films would be dull and it would be impossible to create suspense and good atmosphere.

The music genre and how it sounds has to fit the game theme. For example game like need for speed is set in current time and it has a lot of music that sounds electric and pop style because the setting of the game is city racing and new technology as well as reputation and being cool.

The game like forza which is a heavy competitor to need for speed also has even better  photorealistic graphics however need for speeds sound track is more unique and fitting the style of the game. Forza’s soundtrack has fast and tense songs that fit the fast rally racing  style and high action where need for speed is more chilled out and relaxing when moving about the city at night and exploring the detail that the game has immersing the player with the sounds and soundtrack. However in races and duels the game soundtracks speeds up and gets more aggressive to create adrenaline and tension therefore the sounds keep up with the speed of the car making it flow in one motion and fitting it in.


Car design Research





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