The game is need for speed 2015 and its the last racing game I played that is photo realistic. The hud in the game fits the game style and theme. The main things that this game does that separate it from other games is the sound and music that this games uses to make the player feel immersed in the game and feel realistic. There are 3 different huds that are used in this game. Permanent, action and pull up. The permanent is the map and speedometer and the nitrus level. The action is the drift and rep multiplayer that comes out when ever the players starts doing drifts of tricks. The pull up is what the speedometer displays like khm or mph. The hud is easily visible. The game also lets you edit the hud and move or disable the hud elements to personal preference. The map tracks the player positions and rotates the angle to the direction u facing , which mean that the curser on the map that represents your position is always facing north and the map rotates to fit this. Another action hud is when ever the player or the music in game changes it shows the music currently playing as well as tutorials and tips. The hud can be resized.

Car game time line:

Rally x-1980


pole position-1982

pitstop ii-1984



out run-1986

RC pro-am-1987

test drive-1987

hard drivin-1989


virtua racing 1992

super mario kart-1992

need for speed-1994

mario kart 64-1996

grand turismo-1997


midnight club-2000

need for speed underground-2003


forza motorsport-2005


forza motosport 3-2007

forza horizon-2012

grand turismo 6 -2013

forza motosport 5-2013

mario kart 8-2014

the crew-2014

project cars-2015

forza motosport 6 -2015

need for speed-2015


game-hud 1: Shows the current objective 

2: minimap

3: The speedometer 

4:lap number,time,position

5:distance to the objective or mission or player mark

6: nitrus level


Track outline:




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