After looking back at my work I think I’m satisfied with my posters and my design decisions. My final designs have all the brief asked for. In my opinions the posters look the best they can after my ideas and planning phase and digital correction. The final product gives information trough creativity and illustrations rather then text because of who the target audience are and they are creative people that are mostly architects or people who want to become ones. Also human eye will always look towards what interests them as a person and its eye catchy first. Those were the first questions I asked my self about my designs. Once I cleared this stage I made sure that the colours of the text and background are complementary colours so the text is easy to read.

I think my sketches were good but they could have been a lot better to present my idea more clearly and be more creative with the way I presented them by using a lot more different techniques. Instead of just line and tone drawings. As well as using different equipment to do this instead of just using a pencil I could have used paints, markers, fine liners etc…

My plan and idea phase was the one I struggled on the most. Not having a lot of creative ideas and designs but rather presenting them in a way others would understand what I’m going for and what I want the ideas to represent. Making my sketch book look like it was full of ideas and representations of the designs took me the longest which lead to using most of my time on the ides and plan process as well as the research of different fonts and different posters and why they are different from each other and what makes a good poster.

If I could do this assignment again I would start by not wasting my time on unimportant things and doing my research in a lot more depth to have start up my mind. Then I would set up and order which I present these ideas in my sketch book and the blog by making a lot of mind maps and mood boards first so I get inspiration before I start sketching my ideas out. When I’m sketching I would use a lot more different techniques like transfer drawings, mark making instead of just plain tone drawings.

If this was work was compared with professional posters  I still have a lot to learn about presenting my choices and showing my skills to show information within the poster as well as being original. However I’m really happy with my final designs and I think they are creative and hit the target audience.



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