This is my design sheet:




For my final design I have made these three posters for the assignment. After creating them I have changed few bits here and there to make the poster even better. Here are some examples:

flower v2.jpgFlower desing v1.jpg



Architecture poster 1v1.pngArchitecture poster 1v4.png

The digital correction process takes place after the posters are finished and its like giving them final touch before they are given in. To do this I have created a small mind map for my self to follow that ask question to confirm that everything needed to make a good poster is there and its used effectively. This is the mind map:(it can also bee seen in my sketch book.



These are my final designs:

These are my final designs. I have made experimented with a lot of different layouts and designs however I thought that these three were the best and they hit the spot as for target audience and how creative they are.


Final desing 2.p.pngarchitecture-poster-1


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