morgan-freeman-maskIn this picture of Morgan Freeman I have removed his spots by using the “spot healing brush” to remove them. I have done this with a non destructive editing technique as I created a new layer to any changes can be changed or removed. I have also made his wrinkles less visible by making that part of the picture more blurry. I have achieved this by selecting the area I wanted to blur out with the marquee tool and navigating to Effect<blur<Gaussian blur and changing the visibility of the wrinkles to make it look natural.

https___padlet-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com_prod_64896313_5994e8ff2d9d14c40befa7b86fa9096c_LB___Original.pngphoto of a boy changed.png

The bottom picture is the edited the one I edited and repaired. I have used my knowledge on how to change repair the picture using healing spot brush to removed the damaged marks and make the picture more clear. Then as an addition I have used my knowledge of changing colour and making it look natural to the picture by changing the colour filter.



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