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Hud are important in a lot of games as they give you lots of information like health bar or a minimap.

There are 3 different types of Hud:

Permanent hud: This is the main hud thats always there and the player has no control over it.

Pull-up hud: Determined by user so u can move it around or make it fade away when not used.A

ctioned Hud: is triggered by events for example as u are about to die in a game u hud will start flashing or change colour.

Hud stands for Heads Up Display. In the games above you can see the 3 different huds. The Titanfall 2 hud would be a permanent hud because the user has no control over it.The the Division Hud is a pull-up Hud because the user has control over it u can remove and move it about the screen.A action Hud would be the overwatch one when you have 100% charge towards your ultimate the hud changes at the bottom. It’s triggered by an event.


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