london-move-board-pictureThis is a mood board of London architecture to give me ideas to create my poster sketches. We use mood boards to boost up our imagination and creativity. Creating a mood board really helps you plan out what you want to do and what looks good and attracts the eye. In this case I did London buildings as the topic of the poster was London architecture festival. To make the poster not look boring with text it needs illustrations/pictures to attract the audience, this usually depends on what the target audience is or the theme of the poster. This poster needs to be creative and aimed at adults possibly young adults.


This is a printing technique timeline telling when and at what times different printing were used and what country invented them. Printing goes back a lot further in age however it was more like writing on scrolls and actual printing of text and illustrations.


Image result for modern poster
This is a modern poster design. The poster was created to attract people to come and visit and exhibition that the students created to show. This poster is simple and doesn’t have much text but it gives a  lot of information.  The Font of the poster varies making the Important information stand out first to the eye. We tend to read whats the biggest first because its eye catching. As this poster is mostly targeting adults and young adults the colours are settle.
Image result for old posters
This is a example of an old poster. At the time when this was created about 1960-1970 a lot of posters had the same fonts making a lot of the text always looking the same however this poster had its own font for the title attracting its audience which were mostly children. They did this by adding vibrant colours to make it stand out.As the modern poster they used the size of the font to make you read the poster in the order the creators wanted you to.mind-map
Mind map to plan out my ideas about the target audience and what should the poster be like. What should it contain, how should it send out the message and what should I include to keep the theme of the topic.
This picture below is another example of a old print poster. This is a Bauhaus poster and the main information the poster wanted to give was the creativity of the company. That’s why the poster has no text. The colours are very settle because its aimed mostly at adults and young adults to attract them to art college.
This below is a modern poster that was created digitally and it was created in RGB format which is mostly used to display on digital devices not on paper. We mostly use CMYK for that as u can not get a true black colour on RGB. The poster is for a live concert of a band. This poster doesn’t have a lot of text however it gives the message it wants to using illustrations. The coloured lines are representing sound waves joining the name of the band. The font in this poster is really easy to read making the information clear.

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