Im going to use Need for Speed (2015) as an example because I think that this game has realistic sound. The game uses Frostbite Engine creating realistic sounds and environment engaging the player to feel like he is inside the game. mon_nov_2_21-31-52_est_2015

The game has an engaging Soundtrack ranging from peaceful slow audio too intense music when racing creating tension.  Here is a link to the songs that were used in the game:

The developers of the game used realistic car sounds in the game to immerse the player. They also realised that sound is the most crucial thing in  a racing game. After  releasing this the dev team and sound team interacted and worked together all the time synchronizing the sound and the events in the game.

To create the sounds that their target audience and all audience will enjoy and immerse themselves in the work of art. To do this they interact with their costumers carrying out surveys and events which the community can get involved.

The games soundtrack has its own created songs to perfectly fit with the current event thats happening within the game. However they use a lot of music that already been created and its on top of the charts to attract audience.

The game uses a lot of different genres of music to attract bigger audience. The games soundtrack changes upon actions taken in the game. The game uses faster and lauder music when racing and also changes to heavier genre like electric, dubstep or metal.

The sounds in the game were recorded and are realistic which fits the theme of the game which is a realistic car simulator with photorealistic graphics. Music and sound are a big part of the entertainment because its almost everywhere. Movies, games, tv shows etc.., without music or sound films would be dull and it would be impossible to create suspense and good atmosphere.

The music genre and how it sounds has to fit the game theme. For example game like need for speed is set in current time and it has a lot of music that sounds electric and pop style because the setting of the game is city racing and new technology as well as reputation and being cool.

The game like forza which is a heavy competitor to need for speed also has even better  photorealistic graphics however need for speeds sound track is more unique and fitting the style of the game. Forza’s soundtrack has fast and tense songs that fit the fast rally racing  style and high action where need for speed is more chilled out and relaxing when moving about the city at night and exploring the detail that the game has immersing the player with the sounds and soundtrack. However in races and duels the game soundtracks speeds up and gets more aggressive to create adrenaline and tension therefore the sounds keep up with the speed of the car making it flow in one motion and fitting it in.



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