This is the first Mario Kart game in the history. It was called super Mario Kart. The hud was a 16-bit and it came out in 1992. The hud was really simple and it only had a permanent hud. The graphics were pixilated and not sharp.


The next game in the saga was Mario Kart 6. The Hud started to evolve creating a new type of hud called action hud which showed after a specific requirement. The font became more detailed and easier to read. It also showed the first 4 players.

43323-Mario_Kart_-_Super_Circuit_(U)(Inferno)-9.pngThe next sequel is Mario kart super circuit which included direction sings that were a part of a action hud showing how step the next turn will be. The part on the left shows the first 4 players and if the player was one of them the box around the avatar would be glowing yellow, this is also a part of the action hud. The Hud now has a lot more detail to it and gives more information like how many coins you have and who is the the next character in front.  This was on a gameboy advance a hand held console.


Mario Kart double dash is the next game in the on going series. This was a revolution as the game featured a 32 bit resolution. Making the Hud a lot more colour full and sharper. There is also a speedometer which wasn’t featured in other Mario kart games. The Font had depth making it look 3d.


The mario kart ds hud changed lot from the mario kart double dash game. Mainly the reason that the ds is a hand held console. The bottom part of the hud is the map which utilised the unique structure of the ds. It had the leaderboards. The made the hud smaller removing the speedometer. This version had no action hud.


This mario kart game hud was alot more simple and easier to understand the information it gives you. The mini map on the other hand was a lot more advanced showing the direction u are facing and faces of the characters. As this was made for a home console the action hud has returned when ever u picked up an item.


Mario Kart 7 for the 3ds had its hud mostly removed and moved to the other screen of the ds containing the map and the leaderboards. The time laps. The actual game screen only contained your place and the action hud which shows up every time you picked up a power up.


Mario Kart 8 Is the newest game and it has a simple Hud. It uses action hud when u pick up a power up. It has the you position on the right the  font is really clear and easy to read. On the left it tells you how many laps u have left and how many coins u have collected.


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