After looking through a list of Pixar movies.  I have decided that the animation should take place in space and show the reality of the universe. To children and not only children. After watching a lot of Pixar movies I know that there are targeted for children however there are hidden messages or morals in those movies or animations that adults need to think carefully to get them.


  • Should not be complicated
  • Show the universe around us
  • Contain facts that are interesting
  • The main character should be an animal that was sent to space; the reason for this is that Pixar movies have to be funny and attract the target audience.
  • The animation will be about 3-6 minutes long
  • There should be some sort of complication to make it interesting(landing on a planet where he finds aliens that make funny noises)
  • and it should have a happy ending like every Pixar movie

The pet will be a turtle named Marvin.

The animation will be called “Far out Marvin”

The reason why I chose sci-fi as its theme is because Pixar never made an movie or animation showing of the universe through a child’s point of view.


I made the decision on the animation that i talked about here after reading about the style and rules that pixar animation has set them selfs to come up with new ideas.



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